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Level: High School

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The Street (Ann Petry
A Theme of Personal Alienation
The impression of a keen investigative mind trying to explore and communicate
A revelation of personal level feelings of loss and deprivation
The society is unpromising with no friend to turn to
Time has come, to escape the ravage of an ill society
I do not want the perfect society
I want a human balance, humanly
To seek release and soul healing
I’m No longer the young, foolish black American woman
It’s time for a new revelation
The theme of personal alienation revolves around the entire novel; The Street by Ann Petry featuring the life of character Lutie. Lutie refuses to accept her place in the society filled with male chauvinists where women are violated and humiliated. She believes she does not fit in such a hostile environment (Petry 97). It is through inner personal struggle that one eventually gets freedom and alienates from the hostile society. Theme of Love
Embrace me in your open arms
Help me heal my bleeding soul
Help me find a healing place
And forget the misery of my wasted half life
My heart moves from cold to fire
You are my comfort when I am lonely
You’re my peace to swipe away the bitter moments
A vicious circle of love revolves around the novel as different characters get caught in love triangles. Lutie and Jones reveal the theme of love which began on the first day they met. Jones has a strong desire for Lutie, but he cannot ap…

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