Book Overthrown

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Book Overthrown

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Book Overthrown
Many countries in the world have currently been influenced by the changes and replacements made in the administration and the government which rules the law and order of the country. The change in the regime is much caused by the power of the military group of individuals that ensure the country has peace in terms of offering enough security and care for the individuals. However, the United States of America is one of the states in the world that have been affected by the participation in the regime changes of the countries. It occurred as a result of the favor and interest of the state to ensure that all American are well protected against exploitation. This was achieved by the use of strategies, imperialism, covert actions, and the invasions as identified by Kinzer based on the context from overthrown. Therefore, the essay aims at analyzing examples for each strategy that the American government used in the regime changes. The reasons as to why the American officials value and consider the regime changes are as well explained in details.

Imperialism is the first and the main strategy argued by Kinzer where it involves a kind of colony by the foreign country with the aims to protect local government since it is under the control of the foreign country. According to Kinzer the author of the overthrown text, the main example of the imperialism strategy of regime change in the local government of American is the bound for g…

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