Book 2 essay: Is magic all we need for great service? Why?

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Book 2 essay: Is magic all we need for great service? Why?

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Is Magic All We Need For Great Service? Why?
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Lee Cockerell defines the aspect of magic in business as the ability of a person to display excellent leadership despite a poor background. Lee relates magic to the success of the Walt Disney Company commonly known as Disney in the American market. Besides, Disney is the leading in the media and entertainment industry. In this case, the book eludes that there is a close relationship between magic and the success of Disney (Cockerell, 2008). Having acted as the Executive Vice President of Operations in the Disney Company, Lee attests that the consistent quality of the products and services is as a result of good leadership in the company. In this case, therefore, the paper gives the rationale that creating magic is significant in developing quality goods and services that render customer satisfaction in the market. Moreover, it results in securing a competitive edge in the industry therein.
Following the consistent success of the Disney in the past decades, Lee Cockerell embraces that leadership is the significant core aspect that contributes to the success therein. Leaders create magic by maintaining teamwork and definite cohesion among the members of the organization. Upon displaying these skills, the leader thus propels the success of the organization by sharing new ideas that enhance the quality of the products and services and thus driving a positive change. For this reason, Lee …

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