BOEING Strategic Business Plan

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BOEING Strategic Business Plan

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Strategic Plan for Boeing
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Executive Summary
Many people aspire to travel by air at least once in their lifetime. One of the companies that make this a possibility is the Boeing flight company. Boeing produces the highest number of civilian aircrafts in the world that are used in the transportation of both people and goods. The company also manufactures military hardware such as fighter jets and refueling tankers. This equipment is used in the protection of the borders of many nations as well as during war with enemies such as terrorists who have become a menace in the current world. In addition, Boeing has involved itself in the manufacture of military and commercial satellites. The military satellites are used for surveillance to ensure that the respective countries are safe from enemies or other intruders of the peace stability of respective nations. The company has had a unique way of carrying its operation over the years. The company believes in the creation of quality equipment to bring the people together.
Strategic Plan for Boeing
Company Overview (NYSE: BA)
Boeing is the largest company that deals with aerospace products in the whole world. The company has been essential to the American industrial productivity since its inception. The company deals with a large variety of products. The company employs thousands of employees in its manufacturing plants in the US. In addition, the company has given opportunities to many more peo…

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