bodily deformity, spiritual beauty

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bodily deformity, spiritual beauty

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3 June 2015
Bodily Deformity — Spiritual Beauty
The essay “Bodily Deformity— Spiritual Beauty” inculcates the significance of inner soul beyond the physicality. Many persons in the streets can be seen to be physically disfigured and struggles a lot to survive in life. But physical appearance is ephemeral and in the end it is the inner soul that is counted.
I prioritize the behaviour, attitude, perception and humane quality in a person rather than his/her physical appearance. Physical beauty can be compared with the gift wrap and unwrapping nobody really thinks about it. It is the gift inside that becomes the core of importance. As it is stated in the essay, God does not adjudge people by the ‘outer’ self but he looks deep into the ‘inner’ and ‘spiritual nature’.
This view can be contradicted with the projection of popular culture. In literature, a villain or antagonist is represented most of the times with a kind of physical deformity. Deformation here symbolizes evil, fear and treachery. Thus, physical appearance adheres to some kind of significance in our society.
As per my opinion, as a book should never be judged by its cover, similarly, the outlook of a person cannot be considered for his/her mind. Spirituality is something that reveals the nature of a person and it is the real identity. A person can be blind but he/she should never lose his vision.
I found the intention of Timothy Shay Arthur…

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