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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
The case of Blue Apron
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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
The contemporary world of business consists of setting effective communication of products and targeting the customers efficiently. This includes establishing a well-integrated marketing communication plan that creates awareness of a product in the global markets (Deiss & Henneberry, 2016). The fundamental aspect of advertising a product thus entails utilizing generic marketing strategies that favor cost and sustainable awareness of a product to the customers. Therefore, the target audiences are instrumental in turning the enterprise bottom-line. This consists of analyzing the targeted age distribution. For instance, the Blue Apron treasures the communication with their customers and considers their feedback for developing sustainable competitiveness in the market. The esteemed customers of Blue Apron are aged 25 and 35 who are updated with the current technological advancement. Therefore, the most integrated marketing communication consists of the digital advertisement as a most efficient platform (Tomse & Snoj, 2014). This campaign strategy enhances communication, networking and elaborative services to the new customers. The process thus entails network development in which the management can access the customer satisfaction on products and service alongside accessing the customer needs (Finne & Grönroos, 2017…

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