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Video Review
Solving Food Waste Issue
This group used different and creative means to address the issue of food waste in the world. The team uses five creative mind goals to reduce food waste in the hotel industry. They identify the sector excellently because there are more than 3.1 million tons of food that are thrown away every year and 40% of stock food purchased are from the hospitality industry. This, therefore, provides excellent scope for a creative problem-solving.
The team also uses five critical thinking tools, for instance, SCAMPER, CATWOE analysis, Mind Maps, Thinking hats, and Get up and Go Out. The methods were concisely explained, and new ideas were derived sequentially from the thought-provoking processes. Moreover, the ideas generated were creative and unique and have vast potential for commercialization.
The messages were professionally and creatively communicated, and the video was very engaging. However, the sounds were not clear because the music in the background and the voices were at the same sound level compared. It would have helped if the music sound was at a lower level compared to that of the voice commentary. The messages were relevant at an industry level and were summarized clearly.
The team also provides shows excellent collaboration on how the work was presented as they took an almost equal number of time to display their information. The explanation was in depth and was integrated into the action. T…

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