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The blog spot is meant to promote various beauty products that young females can use to beautify themselves. The language used is persuasive and compelling with the sole intention of attracting buyers of the beauty products. The blogger who made the blog post employed sarcasm to add humor to the engagement because it is perplexing that someone would not like to change their life regardless of the amount of money they are offered. In a nutshell, the blog spot is meant to convince potential buyers that they will have a look that they have always desired.
The blog targets young women and especially those in the modeling agency. These women value their beauty to the point that any activity that is meant to showcase and perfect their beauty is, therefore, most welcomed. The girl featured in the blog spot appreciates what her boyfriend and the Vice President of Online Marketing for the Lucky brand does to her (“Check Me Out: One Lucky Girl”). Most young women love their hair dearly and will, therefore, do anything to make sure that they look adorable at all times. The blog spot is a challenge or a wakeup call to young women who are yet to experience this lifestyle. The narrator wants other girls to experience a similar lifestyle.
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The blog spot would be more helpful if it reaches women and those cultures which adore beauty. It is meant to hel…

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