Blended Families

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Blended Families

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Blended Families
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A blended family is defined as “family which includes children of a previous marriage of one spouse or both” (Kumar, 2017). Nearly 9% of households of married couples and 11.5% where the parents live together but aren’t married have step kids living in the households (Teachman & Teadrow, 2008). Researchers have reported a drastic rise in marital conflicts since the 1970s (Portrie & Hill, 2005). Such conflicts lead to the end of many marriages either with or without kids in their failing relationships. As much as some parents chose to remain single, other decide to remarry which lead to the increasing number of blended families. Blended families encounter unique which differ from those faced by nuclear families (Basinger, 2013).
What are the consequences for blended families on:
Couple: Some of the consequences of a blended family on the family include legal disputes arising from the previous or even the current couples and emotional trauma from divorce.
Family: The family can be faced by the Issues of violence, aggression, companionships, and empathy.
Children: children are very vulnerable in the blended family set-ups. They may face issues of sibling rivalry and identity confusion.
Society: Under society, the consequences may be the changes in family structures
How do these changes to the family structure impact:
The family of origin: They have led to changes in marriage patterns and the…

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