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BlackfishReading Response

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What problem is the author identifying? Who does the problem relate to? For whom is this topic important and why?
This form of ethical rearing of naturally wild animals for commercial purposes is not without controversy as was highlighted in the 2013 film, Blackfish. It follows the life and times of an orca named Tilikum held at SeaWorld. The film features original footage from the orca’s interaction with trainers and even fellow captive orca’s at sea world. Not only did the movie highlight the responsibility upon establishments that opt to rear such beasts, but also it indicated the dangers posed to members of the public. The creators attempted to offer a plausible set of conditions under which such animals may be reared productively. Highlighting various influences such as the alleged harassment of Tilikum by other orcas at the facility. Further, the creators of the film also popularized the notion that captive killer whales are always under stress and showed footage of Tilikum’s capture off the coast of Iceland in 1983 (Gabriela).
What would I point out as important about this topic to others who either question or disagree with my point of view?
After its release, some critical response to the film was to the effect that it is a malicious attack against the commercial exploitation of aquatic life, fueled by propaganda to influence the opinions about the overall welfare of the animals. This was primarily owing to the widespread response to t…

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