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black snake killaz

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Black Snake Killaz is a documentary film explaining the resistance about Dakota access pipeline. The title of the film emanates from Lakota Sioux prophecy that enlightens about the black snake that was thought to pass across the land (Brandt & Caitlyn). The documentary expounds on activities that are conducted by the water protectors aiming to halt the oil pipeline construction. Moreover, the film highlights the actions applied by the law enforcement apparatus such as corporate machinery and the military. This essay underscores the “Black Snake Killaz” documentary.
The Black Snake Killaz documentary gives analysis according to historical events that arise according to the standing rock in 2016. However, the film stretches a raw explanation of experience from major front lines to protect the water. Also, the Dakota access pipeline is finally complete and, the impact is aimed to have a long-lasting span.
The film also highlights the operation continued by the fossil fuel extraction projects which are characterized by various vulnerable impacts to the community in the entire United States. However, the benefits of water protectors continue to develop. The main issue arises from the water protectors proceed from the view that the black snake would cut the land and poison it. This the story gets interested from the water protectors.
The film relation with other native histories in the United States is an ugly fact t…

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