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Bivariate Regreesion revision

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Bivariate Statistic with Minitab
Bivariate analysis determines an association between two continuous variables (Lesik). The project utilized a student’s survey dataset comprised of 50 observations from a simple random selection. A bivariate regression test was completed to establish whether class absence has an association with the student score. Sores were at a scale of 100, while absenteeism at 40. Therefore, the students’ number of class absenteeism was the predictor, whereas the learner’s score was an outcome variable. Both the variables were captured in a continuous scale. The experiment’s assumptions were to test for a linear or a nonlinear relationship (slope direction, either positive or negative). Statistical significance, and the strength of the relationship (strong or weak) between the variables. For this experiment, (r) and (p), values, confidence, and prediction intervals are obtained. For p-value, significance level is 0.05 while for C.I and P.I, a 95 and 99%, a confidence level was applied respectively. Therefore, a linear and a two-tailed tests were performed to obtain the values.
Data description
Scatter plot also referred to as XY plot was utilized to describe the data in a visual way. The plot offers the best bivariate relationship presentation (Everitt &Hothorn 39). Based on the Figure 1 below, there are two typical features of the study’s data. First, there is a slight relations…

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