Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering
A biomedical engineer is a professional in a field involving the application of the engineering principles and material technology to healthcare. Their work may involve designing and developing medical product and equipment for clients with special needs in a rehabilitation center. Their services are most required in the health services, manufacturers of medical equipment and research institutes. There are some connections between a bioengineer and some of the issues in the Catholic social teaching that will be discussed in this study.
A bioengineer can be seen to have some relations with the verification of the primary rights and responsibility of a person. There has been a challenging ethical question facing scientists in the field of biomedical engineering. They have been seen to be at a crossroads whether to use animals in the laboratory to test whether a drug will work efficiently on humans. The first ethical reason is that the scope of suffering and pain is almost unbearable. The second issue is the extreme complexity that involves politics, science and ethics. Although the animal experiments remain affordable, there are still many ethical questions that are running through the essence of scientists as human beings. There have been claims that scientists in the field of biomedical engineering subject creatures to pain and suffering without thinking for a moment if they should be doing the research.
The dignity of…

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