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Biofuels are energy sources that are produced by the use of living organisms or the waste that they produce. Those using biofuels has been found arguing that the utilization is likely to reduce the rate of production of the greenhouse gasses; in the process of burning the fuel there is the production of carbon IV oxide, developing plants or biomass uses this carbon IV oxide that exists in the atmosphere. The research carried out asserts that biofuel generation represents a reduction of risk to the worldwide common habitat and the food system (Bourne, 2007).
Biofuels are produced from a wide range of sources that can be divided into four broad categories. In the first division, they are produced from oil, sugars, animal fat and starches that are then changed over into fuel using known procedures. The examples of these fuels are; biogases, bio-alcohols, biodiesel and ethanol similar to methane that is deposited naturally. The second generation of biofuels is produced by the use of horticultural waste or food products, in particular, lignocellulosic biomass. The third generation biofuels are those that were produced by green plants or other rapidly developing sources of biomass and the last generation biofuels are those produced by uncommonly deliberate plants or biomass that are likely to have a higher energy production or small boundaries to cellulosic decomposition or possess the capacity to be established on a waterways (Chen, 200…

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