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Birth and Nature
Susan’s case in her state of pregnancy and medical conditions is a good example of the application of clinical ethics. In such cases where the patient lacks the capacity to make a decision, the Ottawa Hospital Obstetric Department, in this instance, makes the decision on behalf of Starlight. The physicians in hospital advised Starlight on what was required for her safety and that of her daughter following her condition of pre-eclampsia. She insisted on the typical delivery on regular time, which she thought would be the best for her and the benefit of her unborn child. Her friends also advised her on pegging to the natural way and prayed with her. Hospital workers without her consent sedated her and performed a caesarian section, which helped Starlight to give birth prematurely and was informed of her baby girl in the neonatal nursery.
In this case, Susan is well informed by the physicians in the Ottawa Hospital Obstetric Department on the dangers of her illness to her and the unborn child. Going against her preferred way of natural delivery, she is hesitant to make the informed decision and decides to depend on prayers for the well-being of her and the unborn child as advised by her friends. Her state of confusion with the will to deliver naturally are evident and deny her the capacity for decision-making.
The caregivers, in this case, had enough reason to doubt the decision-making capacity of …

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