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Why Southeast Asia and Australia’s Coral Reefs Became So Rich in Species
The purpose of the paper is to explore the reasons why the coral reefs in the Central Indo-Pacific (Southeast Asia or Australia) region are rich in biodiversity. The article sought to test the hypothesis that biodiversity in world oceans have taken tens of millions of years to develop diverse species. The real objective of the study is thus to emphasize that the richness of species in the world’s oceans will not be regained should human beings destroy them. An interesting point of the paper is the description of the beauty that is associated with thousands of marine species that vary concerning color, shape, and size (Yin 1). However, the explanation on the tectonic plate movement is a little confusing.
The most important point conveyed in the paper is the cause of biodiversity that is exhibited in the marine ecosystem. The article highlights that the Central Indo-Pacific is diverse mainly because of the many living species that have lived in the region over long periods of time. Tectonic plate movement is attributed to the settling of the old lineages from the other areas of the continents consisting of different biodiversities (Yin 1). The Central Indo-Pacific region is also more likely to have been less adversely affected by extinction. Similarly, the author is highlighting the origin of diversity as a basis for the implementation of the st…

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