big-man politics in countries across the globe

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big-man politics in countries across the globe

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“Big Man” Politics in Countries across the Globe
Russia’s president Vladimir Putin can be regarded as a “big man” politician. Having being allegedly accused of involving Russia in many international conflicts such as the war in Georgia as well as the 2016 American’s elections among others makes him a threat. A recent exposure by the Frontline concerning his purported revenge on America clearly elaborates Putin’s motivations concerning his actions in international conflicts. Therefore, in this paper, I will prove that Putin is indeed a grave to his neighbor states as well as the broader international community, just as many see him.
Putin has always viewed America as a threat due to the successful execution of their democracy in most of the countries in the world with Russia included. For instance, they had managed to bring down his closest ally, Libya’s president Mohammad Gadhafi and he also thought that they had been involved in exposing the rigging of parliamentary elections in Russia. The fact that Hillary Clinton came out publicly to declare Russia’s elections as irregular stirred Putin’s rage. Just as Michael Crowley, a member of Politico asserts, “He found it incredibly provocative that Hillary Clinton feels the need to chime in at this moment of weakness that it is a kind of kick the gut for which he would never forgive her.” It was due to her public declaration that he embarked on a mission to revenge o…

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