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Cell phone Tracking
Cell phone tracking is the process where the position of a phone is determined whether it is moving or stagnant. The process usually takes place through the utilization of GPS. The service provider network infrastructure is the one that is used to locate the phone. The three articles discussed will play an essential role in the final essay.
Sloan, Emma “TOP Mobile Spy Apps 2017” Retrieved from: /, accessed February 8, 2017
This article by Emma Sloan will be influential to my paper because it talks about the ability of the owner to control the cell phone. The GPS phone tracking software has various advantages and disadvantages. The system can help you track your children together with their phones. If you want to keep track of your spouse, then you can also use it. In case of emergency, the software plays a vital role. Though, the system sometimes may fail to give you the expected result. From the article, it is evident that it also leads to invasion of people’s privacy.
Weber, Peter “6 reasons you should, and shouldn’t, freak out about the NSA data-mining”
Retrieved from /, accessed June 12, 2013
The NSA data mining should and should not be freaked. People should be freaked because of NSA data mining …

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