Biblical Infusion paper

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Biblical Infusion paper

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Biblical Infusion
Biblical Infusion
The teacher in an endeavor to empower learners, should teach them about the profound effects that public confession has. He should let them know that there will be anxious moments marked by lack of self-belief. Examples on how to tackle these situations would include the teachers own practice of calling out unto the God to make the holy spirit bring out a conviction that would be holding out when he calls them out to confess. The students should know that barriers towards public confession are brought about by the possession of spirits that lead one to exude pride and rebellion. Just as the teacher has to teach on the virtues of finding time to privately pray to the lord, the teacher also has time in confidence with God. He must always extol virtues depicting humility in times of confession for this surely results in forgiveness.
The topic touching on revival should be high on the tutors’ guide for his session with the learners. It should not be lost on the teacher to how they themselves are taken over by the Holy Spirit when conversions touching on revival are brought up. During routine undertaking with the learners, it is paramount for the teacher to call out for revival among them. Revival starts with oneself should discuss a major theme in classes. The precedence of it being shown to be spiritual cleanliness and carrying oneself as a vessel of God through whom the lord carries out his wonderful works. Among the…

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