Bias in the media

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Bias in the media

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Bias in the Media
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The media has remarkable power in developing the societal guidelines as well as shaping the political dialogue in the community therein. Thus, the media should report objective news that is accurate and free from bias (“N Korea launches ‘highest ever’ missile,” 2018). However, the concept of media bias has become prevalent over the decades. Bias occurs when the producers and journalists in the industry integrate prejudice and discrimination while selecting and determining the events included in the report. In this case, therefore, the paper aims at analyzing the various scenarios of biases in the foreseen war between United States US and North Korea.
The bias in source selection is evident where the media integrates multiple sources that support one side of the story and providing few or no supporting references to the opposing articles. In the case scenario, the American media gives extensive information concerning the missile North Korea intends to launch but fails to provide adequate information on how the United States wants to handle the attack.
The bias by omission occurs where the media gives one side of the story leaving the other hand of the respective article (“North Korea says naval blockade would be ‘act of war’,” 2018). In the case scenario, all the pieces concentrate on the planned North Korea attack on the United States. It is clear that the materials dwell on the North Korea side of the story…

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