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Bessie Coleman

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Bessie Coleman
Elizabeth Bessie Coleman is a renowned personality who had a successful career as a pilot. She is credited with being the first African-American and African-American woman to be a pilot in the US aviation industry. The achievement has made her a role model to most individuals especially women to date even after her death. Bessie Coleman was a dedicated woman from her tender age, hardworking and determined to bring change in her family and the society at large (Hart & Cosgrove, 2005). She vowed to do everything within her power to transform her family’s living standards by rescuing them from the yolk of poverty. With this objective, she remained steadfast and pursued every opportunity that came her way with a deserving effort and diligence.
The selflessness was evident when she was working as a manicurist at the White Sox Barber Shop. The quality of a passionate and successful person manifested in her at this stage as attested by her workmates. They affirmed that the concentration with which she was delivering services was encouraging and enticing to customers and the employer. It is at the barbershop where she started hearing stories about pilots who were returning home from various destinations including the World War 1 (Hart & Cosgrove, 2005). She heard stories and details about the good feeling that were flying in the airspace brings and the lucrative nature of the career. The stories ignited a strong convictio…

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