Beneficial Conflict

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Beneficial Conflict

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Beneficial Conflict
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Beneficial Conflict
In any human setting, conflicts are inevitable. No matter the relationship between the parties available, conflicts occur due to various factors. For my case, I have experienced conflict during my first semester in college. The conflict emerged because of disagreement over the noise issue in my room. My roommate was playing very loud music in the room, and this made me uncomfortable (Campbell, 2016). I respected him, and I did not want to tell him about that because I knew it would create tension between us. We had a good relationship, and I was not ready to spoil that. However, there reached a point where I could not take it anymore and therefore I decided to tell him. Fortunately, after telling him, we reached an understanding. We agreed that he should be listening to his music on a low volume or use headphones.
When the parties involved take the conflict positively and are all ready to find a solution, they stand a chance to benefit from the disagreement (Bradley et al., 2015). On that note, a conflict will foster various positive effects on organizational performance. When effectively handled conflict helps realize new ideas. It helps the parties involved to become creative and innovative. It gives a chance to verbalize and negotiate burning issues. The team involved critically discusses the issues involved a factor that helps prevent risks from occurring.

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