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In the article, it is clear that philosophy may be grouped into various forms depending on the interpretation of an individual. Firstly, philosophy can be ideas and attitudes of how people believe things according to their own way of understanding. Specifically, every person has a way of believing their opinions, and it is through this that people may accept or reject other people’s thoughts based on their own philosophy.
It is evident from the article that ancient people used philosophies to solve problems whenever there was a problem that affected them. Individuals believed that there was a specific way of doing things according to their expectations. Again, it is important to note that these ideas really helped the societies especially in solving the problems. Also, it is good to note that philosophies can be either pure or applied depending on the context in which the two have been used. People should understand that pure philosophy is greatly associated with intellectual challenges that restrict individuals to what need to be believed. However, the practical belief requires that people should be involved in the activities that aim at taking strong action against the problem that has evolved.
Therefore, it is advisable for anyone who is willing to take a good path in the decision-making process. It is true that people in their daily activities encounter problems that need to be solved. If relevant step is not taken, pe…

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