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belief paper

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Science Literacy
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Science Literacy
The primary feature of instruction in science learning and teaching is that of actively engaging or involving the students in the lecture. I find it best to actively engage the students, especially in their learning by guiding them even in the discussion groups. Laboratory experiments, investigation on the real world and understanding based on inquiry are also essential for students to master various concepts in science as well as enhancing the active learning process. The use of various assessment methodologies is an effective feature that should be employed by the science teacher which facilitate learning through the integrated instruction of science. Such methodologies of assessment include summative and formative. Other features include adjusting instructions and making a close connection between the teacher and students and among students themselves and to the world in general among others. In inquiry-based instruction, it is the students themselves who are asking a question and the role of the teacher is just to guide them in finding answers among themselves through various suggestions. In the process, the students would be raising questions and answering for themselves with the guidance of the science teacher. According to my experience in teaching science in the classroom, I have always given students central questions a day before the class lesson. In so doing, the students would go and …

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