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Bela Bortok

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Bela Bartok
Bela Bartok is a Hungarian musician who was born in the town of Nagyszentmiklos on 25 March in 1881.His early musical influence came from his mother who was a skilled pianist. His father was also musically inclined, and so he grew up in a musical environment. As he grew up, his family moved, and he began taking lessons. Later on, he became a student at the renown Royal Academy of Music (Stevens, 4).He slowly developed his reputation as one of the bet pianists in the land and his reputation spread throughout the nation and he is famously recognized for revolutionizing music through his immense contributions to the art. He was known for his musical genius that was seen in his innovations, and he was an avid player of the solo piano, orchestra, and the string quartet.
His musical influence came from such artists as Brubeck and Zappa, and most of his works highlighted his musical influence from these influential figures. He has tremendous significance in musical history and is seen by many as one of the greatest musical inventors of the past. He had a different approach to rhythm, instrumental tone, and color, and his knowledge of the piano was often admired by many (Bartok, 14).He was able to use both the piano and the string quartet effectively to achieve his musical results. Many recognized his musical discoveries and inventions, as he was able to use his lyrical music genius in many different ways. He was…

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