Behaviors in Youth Sport

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Behaviors in Youth Sport

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Behaviors in Youth Sport
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Part 1
I participated in various youth sports in my childhood. I was greatly influenced by peers to join the different youth sports programs. I loved to join a program where most of the players were my friends. I was influenced by my love for some sports more than others.
I discontinued participation when I was not in good terms with some of the players or coach. My parents also influenced my participation in their positive or negative opinion of a sport affected my decision making.
I think things would have been different if I received training and mentorship to select the youth programs that I was good at instead of being haphazard in choosing the youth programs. Parents ought to allow their children to participate in any sport that they desire and not to discourage them. They can attend the games and cheer during games to show their support and love for what their children are doing (Smoll & Overdrive Inc, 2012). 
Part 2
Counseling and clinical intervention skills can help youth athletes avoid burnout, reduce their fear of failure and increase self-confidence. It also helps in motivating them so that they can play at their level best. It can also help them to overcome stress, grief, abuse and other challenges faced by young people. Cognitive and behavioral skills can allow for the training of young to excel in sports. It involves the teaching of goal setting…

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