Becoming Disabled

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Becoming Disabled

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Becoming Disabled
According to the article by Rosemarie out of five households in America, there is at least one disabled person. However, not many people are aware of this mainly because of being ignorant. Some people had only come to notice incidences of disability when they had a close relative in that condition. The small group that assumes that being disabled is something tragic or misfortune have had a change of thought by witnessing either their children or next of kin born impaired. Rosemarie is calling for equal treatment and respect for persons with a disability since they did not choose to be so.
There has been a culture of an able-person to recognize someone relying on a guide dog or a wheelchair based on their condition and fails to conceptualize him or her to have a mutual social identity. The writer interprets this to imply that disabled people are pitied upon and treated as though they are less potent. The way other people handle the impaired makes them start questioning their being. In the last century, the disabled were discriminated in term of opportunities and education. Luckily, this was changed by the efforts of movements that advocated for equal treatment of people regardless of race and physical state (Garland-Thomson). The author has commended leaders such as Hilary Clinton for working towards fortifying the rights of the disabled.
Since disability is inevitable to human beings just like challenges and limitations,…

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