Becoming an Informed Voter

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Becoming an Informed Voter

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Becoming an Informed Voter
Part One
My congressional district is the 5th District Pikeville, Kentucky, which is currently represented by Hal, Rogers. The congressional district is considered to be one of the ancestrally Republican regions. The 5th district is located in the southern region of Kentucky. It stretches inside the state and encompasses cities Somerset, Morehead, and Hazard. The highest percentage of the people living in the region consists of white Americans according to the 2010 U.S Census (Ballotpedia N.p). Considering the recent political history, The 5th Congressional district held an election on 4th November 2014 for the House of Representatives. Hal Rogers defeated Kenneth Stepp in that election. The congressman currently serves in different positions in the Congress. He is in his 17th term in Congress, representing the people of eastern and southern Kentucky. He is known for being the longest-serving Kentucky’s Republican who has ever been elected to the federal office. He has a reputation for fighting for the interest of the region and also listening to the constituents. Rogers has largely focused on job creation, economic development, preservation of natural treasures of Appalachia and fighting illegal drug use among others. He is the chairman of the “House Appropriation Committee,” and his focus has been on reducing the government’s scope. He has been conducting oversight role in the federal spending, resto…

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