Basquiat Film

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Basquiat Film

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Basquiat Film
Basquiat is a film directed by Julian Schnabel released in the year 1996. The film is based on the life of Jean Basquiat, an American artist who died in 1988 after a heroin overdose. The main idea being expressed in this scene is the use of drugs. The view open with an image Jean Basquiat under the influence of narcotics staggering as he walks along the pavement. The camera captures the same man sleeping. He is woken up frowning at being woken up. The cameraman later focuses on the blue sky and pool water. Basquiat’s character is drawn as a man who is always into drugs (“Basquiat (1996)”).
Schnabel uses the motion picture technique of cinematography by creating shot by shot scene to avoid monotonous narration of the film. The 2wchanging positions of the camera break the scenes in the entire movie. The director also uses the dissolving editing technique. The technique is well portrayed as the scenes in the film gradually overlaps the end of one scene to the beginning of the other. He joins the shots together and creates a movie with a good flow of happenings. Music is the primary sound technique in this scene and even in the entire film.
Use of dialogue has also been evident as there are different characters in this film communicating with each other at various points. For instance, Bruno informs Jean of Warhol’s death. Jean, as a result, feels isolated and ends up into drugs. The film comes to an end…

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