basketball survey questionnaire

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basketball survey questionnaire

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Basketball Survey Questionnaire
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Basketball Survey Questionnaire
There are three main aims for the study, and it includes determining and measuring the motivation for individuals for attending the Keiser University Basketball Team games. The study will also involve investigating the factors that limit the personal attendance and eventually conclude by measuring the attitudes for the individuals towards the basketball team in the university and the larger basketball. According to Dörnyei & Taguchi (2009), such a study will involve the use of self-administered questionnaires that will entail both the open and the close-ended questions.
The Questionnaire
How many times have you attended the Keiser Basketball games?
Have you ever missed the Keiser University Basketball games? If yes how many times and why?
Does the university incentivize attendance? If not, what motivates you to attend the basketball games?
At what time do you attend the Keiser University Basketball games? Tick where appropriate.
Time Tick (✓)
At the start of the game During the play of the game At the end of the game How do you feel after the conclusion of the basketball games? (Tick where appropriate)
Vey satisfied ( ) Satisfied ( )Neutral ( ) Dissatisfied ( )Very unsatisfied ( )
How do you find the general attendance of individuals during the last three matches?
Very good ( )Good ( )Neutral ( )Poor ( )Very poor ( )
What do you t…

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