based on the play twelve angry men by reginald rose

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based on the play twelve angry men by reginald rose

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Relationship between Characters and Culture with the Theme
In the play, Twelve Angry Men, Rose highlights three critical themes. The central theme in the play is justice. Throughout the play, the 12 jurors are concerned with finding out whether the boy is guilty or not. They examine all the available reasoning to get the verdict. Juror 8 takes center stage to persuade others to see that the boy is not guilty. At the end of the play, all the 12 jurors voted unanimously to the not guilty verdict (Rose 20). The central theme being justice, this essay attempts to highlight the relationship between the characters and the cultural setting of the play to the theme.
The play is set in America at a time when the country is suffering internal conflict. The civil rights and the need for freedom create a lot of tension in the nation. It is the time when killing is considered a capital evil in the culture (Marder 1). The boy is accused of killing his murder his father and his quest for justice proves how the theme of justice and religion relates
Rose does not name her characters. It is more likely that the characters do not even know the specific names of each of them. This shows that the play does not focus on individual characters but their mission, their duty which is to give justice. (Boulanger-mashberg).
To end, Juror 8 does what is necessary to convince others to ensure justice is served. It is therefore clear that the the…

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