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Book review
An article of Confederation was the first constitution approved by the United States after independence from Britain. The article was adopted on November 15, 1777, but ratification took place after four years. There were a lot of conflicts and arguments among the federal and the governments’ states since some were for and others against its implementation (Structure of government). It allowed the colonial states to group during wars thus building a centralized government to work with the thirteen states. In my book review, I will discuss the pros and cons of articles of confederation.

There are various advantages of the articles of confederation which is its ability to offer the first chance to experience independence and unity. Even though the colonies had come together to fight against British for independence, United Sates were never united. Articles of confederation turn out to be the first to bring everyone together under a canopy of unity. Secondly, it gave the colonies an opportunity to go global. Articles of Confederation brought about a centralized government which helped colonies to be known worldwide and to be taken seriously. It also allowed colonists to experience free movement. There was no need to carry papers when traveling around the United States because the colonist was declared Americans thanks to articles of confederation thus they were free to go whichever state t…

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