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The debate over slavery in reference to the constitution. How does the US constitution contrast to the California state constitution? Having read both, which constitution do you feel secures your rights more?
It was agreed that Congress would not ban slave trade until 1808 for purposes of unity among delegates.
The US constitution embodies principles of division and separation of powers while the California state constitution contains laws essential for day to day running of government functions.
“The US constitution since it has a system of checks and balances to prevent one arm of government from dominating the rest.”
“The delegates promptly clashed over whether to form a strong, consolidated government or a loose confederation of sovereign states. As the debate went on, those differences sharpened. Dickinson’s draft outlining a government of considerable power generated strong opposition. America’s experience with a ‘tyrannous’ king and Parliament had revealed the dangers of a central government unmindful of people’s liberties.” (Chapter; A people in Revolution, page 162)
“The Constitution embodies two basic principles federalism, sometimes called the ‘division of powers’ and the system of ‘checks and balances’ between the different branches of government, also known as ‘separation of powers.’ Federalism refers to the relationship between national government and the stat…

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