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Stress Assessment
How to handle stress
Stress, especially during exam period normally affects the ability to deal with pressures from school. It often disturbs my concentration because I am concerned about failure. Sometimes it occurs because I perceive my current challenges to be hopeless or overwhelming. Therefore, I am affected by the feeling of powerlessness and sadness (WebMD).
Major life events that have been very stressful over the past year
In the past year, I have experienced major stressful events emanating from exam pressure. In this regard, I faced serious worry concerning upcoming exams due to fear of failure and inability to get good grades. Some of the problems that contributed to exam stress included time management challenges, poor studying strategies, and psychological factors (Dorland 23). For instance, in the exam period, I had a busy schedule hence I felt helpless over the exam situation.
How I coped with each situation
The coping strategies played a key part in dealing with exam stress. Some of the key coping mechanisms that I employed included booking an appointment with the Wellbeing and Life Adviser, which offers counseling services to students (WebMD). In addition, I also engaged friends with an aim of sharing the problems leading to stress. In so doing, I was able to talk about my feelings, which enabled me to lower the stress levels. They advised me to have adequate sleep (Dorland 29). I dealt with the c…

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