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Symbolistic Walls that Trapped Bartleby Behind
Melville intended to create a portrayal of a man who is incomprehensible to the narrator and the reader. The walls symbolize the boundaries used by Bartleby to enclose himself from the rest of the world. The desk faces a window pane that allowed little light to lit the room. Instead of the desk facing an open landscape, it faces a wall lying three feet from his window (Furui, 1). Also, Bartleby is portrayed located behind a tall green hinged screen blocking him off from the world. The walls symbolize the isolation from the rest of the offices and to a more significant extent from other people.
Additionally, Bartley spends a lonely life in the office and avoid sharing anything to his colleagues. He instead spends hours staring at the wall which the narrator describes as the dead brick wall and the narrator conclude it as dead-wall reveries which start taking much of the Bartleby time (Furui, 5). Also, the name of the street where the Bartleby office is located is known as the wall street. The wall street symbolizes a disconnected community within. Consequently, the narrator adds that there is no office address inscribed on the lawyer’s office wall and instead it is always written as “No – wall street. By making the office address unclear, it portrays how New York business sector operates in isolation (Furui, 9).
Additionally, walls depiction become more frighte…

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