Barrier to Team Collaboration

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Barrier to Team Collaboration

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Common Barriers to Team Collaboration
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Common Barriers to Team Collaboration
One Barrier to Team Collaboration
One barrier that has a significant influence on a team approach to curriculum development is the conflicting views. During the curriculum development, team members present several different ideas0, views, and opinions about learning and teaching processes. These conflicts can be a source of anxiety and frustration, and inflict a challenge for team members to settle in making curriculum decisions and execute the curriculum consistently (Chiang, Chapman & Elder, 2011). The different opinions, goals, needs, values, and interests of each member pose an endless debate, and no one wants to be convinced of the feasibility of another’s ideas. Nevertheless, disagreement and conflict are sources of opportunities for dynamic group learning and new ideas.
Strategies for Overcoming the Barrier
One strategy of overcoming the barrier of conflicting views in teams is the partnership agreements. The different interest, opinions, values, and goals of each team members, which lead to endless debates and conflicts, can be resolved by this strategy through sharing goals, communicating concerns and angst, creating agreements, and negotiating contracts (Heinrich, 2011). For instance, sharing wishes or goals can enable team members to come to a collaborative conclusion on the best way of approaching the curriculum development. Again, when the me…

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