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Red River Inn Contract
In determining the elements of contract formation, all elements were properly outlined in the agreement. The promise of the manifestation of the given intention for Red River Inn acts in a specified way to justify that a commitment has been made. Despite the terms of the manifestation of intention being addressed as an offer, it will not be acceptable for the formation of a contract unless the Red River Inn’s terms and condition of the contract are vividly certain. Red Inn’s terms of the contract are relatively certain as they have provided the subsistence of a breach and are presenting a rational remedy. In terms of the language used, there is a manifestation of mutual assent to an exchange but only when both parties have reasons to know meanings that have been used by either of them. Both parties in the agreement have protection since the conditions are defined and the language used is clear. Any of the parties to the contract do not rely on the failure for the other part for it to execute a condition precedent by preventing or frustrating the occurrence of the condition.
The list of appendix items on the banquets and catering contract is addressed. The items illustrated include addresses and the names of all involved parties to the agreement, a lobby that will be used for picture-taking, and floor plan for the dance floor and tables for the whole event. The style of service for meals is a buffet …

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