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At the mention of the word ‘Auschwitz’ eyebrows become raised as the noun carries with it great significance as far as history is concerned. Just as history denotes a continuous, systematic narrative of past events that concerns a specific people, country and period, history of Auschwitz means the systematic narrative of past events regarding the same. The term Auschwitz is used to refer to a network of Nazi concentration which was formed near the city Oswiecim. According to Olga, Auschwitz brings up feelings of terror, implications of genocide and the holocaust. The notice should be taken that the network herein was divided into three main areas, developed in the year 1940 and was in operation till the time when Allied liberation occurred in 1945. This day, at the Auschwitz site there is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum which is characterized by partial destructions that were caused by the Nazi’s who were retreating in 1945. Records at this site indicate that there were systematic killings that were guided by the German SS that are estimated at 960,000 being Jews, 74,000 Poles, 21,000 Romans, 15,000 prisoners that were Soviet and a minimum of 10,000 people from other nations. The site is established as a museum to make it clear to the generations what happened. This pape therefore seeks to explore the history of Auschwitz in relation to its origin, formation and the …

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