Au nanocrystals

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Au nanocrystals

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Novel Methods for synthesizing Gold Nanoparticles
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Novel Methods for synthesizing Gold Nanoparticles
There has been a global revolution in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is now increasingly being applied in the field of medical and technological sciences. Nanocrystals are one of the important materials in the field of nanotechnology. The nanoparticle is defined as that particle whose one of the dimensions should be less than 100nm. Such feature helps in various properties exhibited by these substances1. For example, nanoparticles of silica have unique light emission properties that are not feasible by the amorphous or bulk crystalline format of silica. Hence, such properties are routinely applied in various industrial processes. Nanoparticles are prepared by traditional and modern methods3.
Traditional methods include various solvent systems and surfactants in creating particles of nanometre dimensions. On the other and modern method relies upon galvanic separation of charges in solution. In this situation, a template is selected, and cations are applied to the solution. Since, cations are electron acceptors; they pull the electrons from the surface of the template into the solution2. This result in formation of the nanoparticles on the template selected for the galvanic induction of separation. The present article will review the generation of platonic gold nanocrystals based on novel method…

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