Attitudes of Students Toward LGBTQ Community in College

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Attitudes of Students Toward LGBTQ Community in College

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Attitudes of Students toward LGBTQ Community in College
Attitudes toward gender, race, religion, and politics are some of the most common ideologies examined, expanded and often altered in college years. For students with little or no prior experience of interacting with diverse groups, much of this adjustment may be achieved through a close association with their colleagues in the academic community who are different from themselves (Lehman and Thornwall 118). Besides, for some, close association with members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Community (LGBTQ) is first experienced in college campuses. Therefore, using empirical research, this study will try to answer the question: What are the social attitudes of college students toward the LGBTQ Community in higher education?
Students may come into contact with LGBTQ community in colleges through socialization or interpersonal contact. Socialization may occur in many ways. Historically colleges have played a vital role in promoting change and enhancing diversity. According to Colin greater exposure to diverse information in institutions of higher learning plays a pivotal role in increasing diversity-related activities beyond the classroom (1209). Interpersonal contacts between college students and the LGBTQ Community may be viewed in two ways- greater acceptance may lead to greater interpersonal contacts whereas intolerance may reduce the level of con…

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