Assignment PracticumJournal Entry

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Assignment PracticumJournal Entry

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Assignment: Practicum – Journal Entry
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My practicum experience enabled me to familiarize myself with the real clinical settings. It was an opportunity for me to apply what I learned in the classroom to solve real clinical problems. I went to a particular clinic for my practicum, and since I have often loved to handle dermatological issues, I asked my supervisor to allow me to work in that department. The patient that I interacted with had suffered from skin acne for 16 years of her life. Acne is a skin condition that causes long-lasting inflammation around the hair follicle of the skin. According to Papadopoulos & Walker (2003), the symptoms of the disease include blackheads also known as comedones or whiteheads also referred to as pustules. The situation is also associated with nodules or cysts. Acne is diagnosed by carrying out a simple visual inspection of a patient by a dermatologist (Mitchell & Dudley, 2002).
The patient had spent the last 16 years seeking for creams and other treatments that she thought could end the problem but they did not. The bumps were red, and she complained of irritation. The lack of an effective treatment for her condition had made her develop fear, disgust, and anger towards the situation as well as the medications. The acne was on her face, lower cheeks, and jawline shoulders as well as on the forehead. In regards to treatment of the condition, I recommen…

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