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assignment 3 tech class

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Place in Society

Place in Society
One’s place in society can be defined as the acceptance, worth or respect accorded to an individual in the environment within which they live. The setting could be local, for instance within the home or school, or it could be larger. The evaluation of self-worth has been shaped over the ages, and the most dramatic change comes with the influence of technology, particularly the social media. According to Brown (2011), society, within the context of the social media, accords one a worth measurable to their virtual influence, which primarily depends on the virtual identity that they create of themselves.
Technology and social media, therefore, provide immense and more comfortable opportunities for one to advance their ‘place’ in society. The dramatic change can take place overnight, considering the viral nature of the social media. I tend to think that the virtual community evaluates one’s place in the society by such simple facts as the photos on their profiles, the nature of the posts they make, their talent or wit and their overall online activity. Hence, the facets defining one’s place in society are still same as the traditional ones, except that part of it is transferred to the virtual realm, which has become an integral addition to human interaction. It is of no doubt that to retain and expand a relevant place in society; one must be consistent in their online presence and activity, and that requires them…

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