Assignment 2: External and Internal Environment

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Assignment 2: External and Internal Environment

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External and Internal Environment
Company: Tesla Motors Inc.
Industry: Automobile industryThe Tesla Motors company was founded in 2003 as an electric Sports cars company. A decade later, the company is the leading electric car manufacturer in the world with cutting edge technology defining its remarkable success. The company is located in Silicon Valley, California and is led by Elon Musk, its CEO, who also acts as the chief product architect. The company’s mission is to offer road transportation a new eco-friendly alternative, but with improved driving experience. So far, the company has made significant steps in this direction. Already, the latest Model, the Model S, is the most in-demand automobile in the United States and several countries in Europe, such as Norway where it accounted for the most sales of new vehicles in 2013 and 2014. The company experienced a turn-around in its fortunes in 2008 when Elon Musk took over as the CEO. Initially, he had been working with the company as the chairman of the board of the company. Tesla faces stiff competition from other car manufacturers in the automobile industry with traditional dominant firms. However, its cutting edge technology and new user experience gives it an edge over its counterparts (Bohnsack, Pinkse&Kolk, 2014). With the Oil resource expected to reduce in the near future and the world searching for green energy, Tesla Motors and its vision may just be the solution the world needs. Already the Model S, launche…

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