Assignment 1: Creating and Communicating a Security Strategy

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Assignment 1: Creating and Communicating a Security Strategy

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Creating and communicating a security strategy.
For a seamless implementation of a security strategy, it is important that an organization identifies its most valuable and sensitive data and information and evaluate the available systems. With the advancements in information technology, organizations are equipped to manage any information security breaches, disaster or leakages. However, to efficiently implement these strategies, logical and physical measures must be implemented through policies and procedures and communicated effectively to the organization’s hierarchies.
Elements of a good security strategy.
A good security strategy must incorporate the following elements in its policies, procedures and the physical information systems. First, it must clearly and concisely define the vision of the organization security wise, touching on elements of integrity or confidentiality. It must also define the enforcement and breach handling mechanisms to be employed by the organization. It must also define, identify and assign responsibilities and how to utilize network resources of the organization. A good security strategy must provide information on security profiles and its implementation guidelines across all access devices and points such as servers. The protection of any information system infrastructures requires the implementation of policies on passwords. Thus every information security strategy must have password cre…

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