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Asset based approach

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Asset-Based Approach to Healthy Aging
Asset-Based Approach to Healthy Aging
The asset-based approach is a practice aimed at promoting and strengthening various facets that support good health and wellbeing while protecting against poor health and promoting communities and systems that sustain health ( Hopkins & Rippon, 2015). This approach draws on the salutogenic theory, the concept of health assets, and the emerging principles and learning. These concepts focus on the genesis, resources that foster the capacity of persons and the society to maintain health and aiding people to improve their resilience and autonomy respectively (Hopkins & Rippon, 2015). Identification of health assets that optimistically influence the health of the elderly is important in designing programs that promote healthy aging.
The utilization of the asset-based approach in relation to healthy aging occurs when a particular social issue is identified with a potential of causing disabilities or poor health in old age. The strengths of this approach majorly on the autonomy availed to old aged individuals and their communities since they have a voice in the policies that can influence their health positively (Roy, 2017). Additionally, the approach takes into account both internal and external strengths of the elderly that will improve their wellbeing and quality of life as they age. Also, the approach allows the mobilization and harnessing of skills, talents, and knowle…

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