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From this article, leadership is defined as the process or action of one leading a group of people or organization. Many of the professional in psychology have given leadership various approach with the aim of maximizing technology. In all these approaches, leadership is considered as a mechanism which provides the potential means used in mitigating all the social dilemmas in the society and explores the institutional frame which is relevant for effective leadership. In comparing with the known definition of leadership, the definition is not much different although, it gives detailed information about it. In this case, there are many theories which have been used in coming u with the definition.
For instance, the article has used the strategic method to elicit many of the followers. This has been roved through the malleability of the followers in the cooper ration types. In addition, the leadership institution has found it to be less efficient as compared to the initial framework related to leadership. For example, in the positive frame, many of the subjects endowed and can give a common pool of leadership. On the other hand, the negative frame of leadership is only important in giving basic elements of the situation and can exactly identify any exceptional subject (Gowning, et al., 438).
The leadership being discussed here relates directly to the leadership used in organizations since the leader’s behavior in both cases is s…

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