Asian Migration

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Asian Migration

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Question 1
The movement of Asians to North America was a continental bridge. It symbolized the creation of new international networks. Most of the migration occurred in the 19th century. The major migrants of the time, who we will focus on are the Filipino and the Chinese.
Many of them had different reasons for the long voyages that brought them to the country. The major reasons that pulled them to the States included business. The start of the gold rush pulled a lot of Asian merchants to the continent. A love for adventure and the desire to see the new world also called them into the country. Others came to pursue education whereas others came to find employment in the newly established land. For others it was because of political persecutions that they had to escape from their countries of origin (Lee).
The Chinese were among the first people to settle into the country. They came in a variety of titles. Some came as wealthy merchants, others as coerced coolies, others had been sold into slavery whereas others were peasants looking for better lives in a new land. They came through the Pacific and entered America through the San Francisco bay and Mexico. Most of them also settled in islands such as Hawaii.
The Filipino on the other hand came in through California. However, mass immigration came in the onset of the 20th century when the Philippines was a territory of the United States.
Whereas the Chinese c…

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