As I Crossed A Bridge of Dreams by Ivan Morris

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As I Crossed A Bridge of Dreams by Ivan Morris

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As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams
19th November 2015.
Lady Sarashina,
Author of the memoir,
I want to take this opportunity to commend your courage. As a young girl brought up in Japan’s countryside, no one could have imagined you composing narratives and poems later. Your courage, zeal, and determination enabled you to reach such great heights. As a historian, I can comfortably allude that your brain was ahead of the generation you were born.
The decision you mad to keep your diary in order celebrate incredible journey you had in the 11th century when you were heading to the Capital from the east of Japan left me baffled. The manner in which you were determined and engrossed in writing work surprised me too- I can establish that writing is what you loved and dreamt about every time, your ability to go for extra 40years, managing to produce several accounts, most of which are appropriate for the readers in this century is celebrated everywhere. Your dairy is unique in the sense that you managed to distinctively separate chronological accounts in your life: when you began as a minor all the way to 40 years later, in your 50s. These events made me feel tougher and remain focused in life- for instance; I can recall your struggles with a resilient propensity toward romanticism. Nevertheless, I cannot forget to mention daily events- the way you traveled, marriages, services in the co…

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