Arts of the Contact Zone Analysis

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Arts of the Contact Zone Analysis

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Arts of the Contact Zone Analysis
Mary Louise Pratt in her piece “Arts of the Contact Zone” discusses the dynamics of contact zone which she defines as areas where at least two cultures meet, clash and wrestle with each other while mapping her context to the aspects such as colonialism and slavery. In this masterpiece, the author astoundingly employs the elements of persuasion which include pathos, ethos, and logos to send her message to her audience. Regarding the use of ethos, the author relies on her mastery of the topic of literacy which is augmented by her knowledge of various cultures. Essentially, Louise is a Spanish and Portuguese Languages and their Literature professor, therefore, she is well versed in the topic of contact zones (Pratt 518). Second, the author uses the element of pathos to persuade the audience by appealing to their emotions. For instance, the author in her bid to connect the audience with the topic of the day, she openly states her objective which is to speak as a parent and not as a literacy expert (Pratt 518). Last, Louise correctly uses logos throughout her text as evidenced by the use of factual information to support her opinions. For example, the author uses the dates and history of Guaman Poma in her literary work, therefore, aptly voicing her opinion that multicultural learning in schools is not substantial enough.
In her text, Louise is targeting various groupings of the societi…

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