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Article Review: Mills, Jean Helms, and Terrance G. Weatherbee. ‘Hurricanes Hardly Happen: Sense-making as a Framework for Understanding Organizational Disasters.’ Culture and Organization 12.3 (2006): 265-279. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.
The authors in the text, try to explain how sense-making is significant in times of disasters using the example of Hurricane Juan. Their aim is to illustrate how sense-making can be used to study the organizational response when a disaster occurs and understand the aspects that drive the sense-making process. The writers suggest that standard operating procedures and usual routines should not be used in such cases as it limits creativity and thus can be counterproductive. They explain that improvisation during emergencies can help alleviate possible or further damage. Also, it is important to comprehend the contributors of sense making for organizations to make effective decisions. Additionally, the identity sense of individuals and groups results to an effective emergency response.
The authors provide considerable ideas that can be used to improve organizational response to a disaster. They effectively present their ideas and arguments concerning sense making and its importance during times of organizational disasters. The introduction provides the foundation for the entire document giving the audience a picture of the subject under research. Also, there is an accurate arrangement of the whole document that ensures the fl…

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